R1 - Mobile Mapping System

NAVER LABS R1 is a mobile mapping system (MMS) designed to create a high definition (HD) map for self-driving vehicles. As a comparatively lightweight MMS, R1 features a variety of sensors including multiple cameras, 2D & 3D LiDAR's, GPS, IMU, FOG and wheel encoders. Our map construction process integrates the sensor data obtained from R1 with 3D road layout information extracted from aerial photographs to create a hybrid HD map.

  • Sensors
Visual LiDAR Navigation
Camera (x8) 3D-LiDAR 32CH 3D-LiDAR 16CH (x4) 2D-LiDAR 1CH Ekinox-D (GPS/INS) GPS Antenna (x2) FOG Wheel Encoder (x2)

Hardware Specification

R1 Sensor Dimension

R1 Sensor Specification

Type Vendor Model Qty. Description Device Details Link
Hz Accuracy Range
Camera FLIR GS3-U3-15S5C-C 8 1384 x 1032 (1.4 Mega Pixel) / Color,
45 FPS, Global Shutter
10 Hz URL
3D LiDAR Velodyne VLP-32C 1 32 Channel LiDAR, 360° FoV 10 Hz 200 m URL
Velodyne VLP-16 4 16 Channel LiDAR, 360° FoV 10 Hz 100 m URL
2D LiDAR SICK LMS151-10100 1 1 Channel LiDAR, 270° FoV 50 Hz 0.5° (resolution) URL
FOG KVH DSP-1760 1 3 axes Fiber Optic Gyro 1000 Hz 0.05° / h URL
GPS / INS SBG Systems Ekinox-D 1 Consumer level GPS / INS 50 Hz (Filtered)
200 Hz (IMU)
Position Acc: < 1cm (RTK/INS, RMS)
Velocity Acc: 0.03 m/s (RMS)
Heading Acc: 0.1°
OBD - - - Internal Signal from Prius V 80 Hz URL
Wheel Encoder Encoder Products Company TR1 2 - 100 Hz 500 (CPR) URL
* We will provide sensor calibration information along with the localization dataset.